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Dr. Paulette Blanchard


Paulette Blanchard, PhD (Absentee Shawnee Citizen & Kickapoo descendant) Dr. Blanchard holds a Doctorate of Geography from the University of Kansas, Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Oklahoma, and a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous & American Indian Studies from Haskell Indian Nations University. Dr. Blanchard was a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellow for University Corporation for Atmospheric Research for 2018-2020. She is a CoPI on NSF CoPe Rising Voices Changing Coast’s grant #2103843 that directly engages Indigenous and Non-Indigenous scientists with Indigenous coastal communities to address climate change impacts and variabilities across four regions; Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico. Her work addresses the challenges and opportunities that Indigenous Peoples face in relation to climate change and climate justice. Her work also addresses Indigenous science and science education, Indigenous led environmental movements, and activism. She incorporates Indigenous Feminist methodologies and philosophies into her geographic framework. Her work includes social, climate, and environmental justice for Indigenous Peoples and other marginalized populations.

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