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A Platform Promoting Place-based Indigenous Knowledges, Indigenized Research and Future Generations

Kyetiil Vicenti


Kyetiil Vicenti is an enrolled member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in Northern New Mexico. She grew up on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, which has a population of fewer than 3000 people and always knew there was more to life outside of the reservation. She moved to Denver to pursue higher education, which felt like she moved to another planet, as she didn't have many opportunities to travel outside of the reservation growing up. In her ten years of living in the Denver area, she battled mental health issues, homesickness, and social anxiety due to culture shock. Along the way and coping with every situation she has encountered made her the strong individual she is today. She is proud to share her story of overcoming adversity and hopes to inspire others to pursue higher education and impact as many lives as possible as a practicing physician.

Kyetiil Vicenti
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