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Stacia Morfin


Welcome. My Indian name is Takes Care of Water, and my given name is Stacia Morfin. I am a citizen of Nimiipuu Nation and the owner and operator of Nez Perce Tourism, LLC and Traditions Gift Shop located in Beautiful Downtown Lewiston, the heart of Nimiipuu Country. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management from Lewis-Clark State College. I am very interested in organizational and strategy methods in marketing, sales and logistical processes.


“Now is the time, we, the Nimiipuu, share our own story, with cultural integrity at the forefront. I am proud to say tourism is not new to our nation. Historically and from this day forward people will be reminded that we have and always (will) be known for our vast connection to the land in which we originated from. Guiding and sharing our wisdom is in our DNA.”Mission: Nez Perce Tourism, LLC brings nations and destinations together to preserve Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) culture and traditions through authentic ecotourism experiences.


The history of the Nez Perce (Nimiipuu) does not come from a history book, but that of an oral history passed down from generation to generation. Nez Perce Tourism, LLC provides a platform to ensure Nimiipuu are telling our own story with accuracy and integrity while preserving geohertitage or historical attractions, culture and tradition. From mountain tops to rivers beds, the overall goal for Nez Perce Tourism, LLC is to imprint Nimiipuu legacy into the spirit of each individual guest by introducing a power of place, sustaining environment, enhancing culture, heritage, aesthetics, identity and wellbeing of all those involved. Each guest is invited to understand Nimiipuu culture and traditional through education, historic storytelling, hands on activities and local events. A guest may be a someone from another country, nearby state, community, school group, company and especially those of local residency. Most local guests are interested but have never visited a nearby event or attraction due to lack of invitation or knowledge of cultural norms. Nez Perce Tourism, LLC is the link uniting all communities and peoples together; extending the invitation for all guests to authentically experience the Nez Perce (Nimiipuu) way of life.


Nez Perce Tourism, LLC is a business that respectfully echoes the past and present Nimiipuu culture to include the following; it’s people, lifestyle, heritage, landscapes, music, dance, art/craft, historical sites, museums, cuisine, pow wow, spiritual beliefs and philosophy (respect for all thing’s). As communities consider diversifying their economies, Nez Perce Tourism, LLC is the connection of request for travelers worldwide. Consumers want to experience indigenous peoples’ lives, with safe destination options, meaningful experiences, the ability to participate rather than observe, a chance to meet to locals, comfort and softer adventure activities, unique and customized experiences, last minute getaway opportunities with suggested itineraries, the opportunity to plan online and ways to support positive environmental and socially responsible practices. Nimiipuu culture as we know it, is the world’s oldest continuous culture.


Alive and dynamic, generations of Nimiiuu people accessed thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, wisdom and spiritual strength. Nez Perce Tourism, LLC is taking hospitality to the next dimension by extending a warm welcome to all people by sharing the truth of a mature culture. It is providing recognition, sovereignty and economic sustainability to Nimiipuu people in a way of honoring identity, something that only Nimiiipuu can do and something that so many people want to know more about.

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