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Luke Black Elk


Luke Black Elk (Tetowan Lakota) is a food sovereignty activist and teacher of traditional plant uses, gardening, food preservation, and foraging. Luke spends his time collecting and preparing traditional foods for Indigenous peoples and communities throughout the Oceti Sakowin. Luke believes that the Lakota way of life is embedded in ceremony and that practicing these ways is vital to a better future. Luke is one of the founding board members of the Tatanka Wakpala Model Sustainable Community, which is a Native non-profit on the Cheyenne River Nation focusing on traditional building design, permaculture, food sovereignty, and a return to Lakota spirituality as a guide for everyday life. He also sits on the board of Makoce Ikikcupi, a Native non-profit, which is a Reparative Justice project on Dakota lands in Minnesota and he enjoys spending his time on the prairie of North and South Dakota with his wife and three sons.

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