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Michael Preston


Neto yet Pompahatot Ni Winnemenen Bos. My colonial name is Michael Preston-Sisk and im from the Winnemem band of Wintu (humans) from the greater Wintun Nation which includes the Wintu, Nomlaki, and Patwin. The Winnemem are born out of Bullyum Puyuuk or so called, Mt. Shasta California. I come from the village of Tuiimyali on my mothers side who is Caleen Sisk (Current Chief of the Winnemem Wintu) and also of Madesi Pit-River lineage. My father is the late Victor Preston Wadatkuta Numu (Paiute), Ilmawi Pit-River, and Modoc and was an enrolled member at Susanville Indian Rancheria. I would like to add that as of 2007, I am also an enrolled member of the Susanville Indian Rancheria which is my family as well. However, I was raised Winnemem Wintu and this is the way of life that I speak from. Im from the lineage of the Curl family and we follow the traditions carried on by the late Florence Jones and now carried on by Caleen Sisk. We claim spiritual responsibility to the Winnemem Wywaket (McCloud River watershed) all the way up to the South side of Mt. Shasta at the spring; our genesis place.

Michael Preston
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