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Raphaelita Arviso


I am Navajo (Dine’) born in Gallup NM and raised in Gallup NM, Thoreau NM, and the surrounding Navajo Reservation. My Mother’s clan is Todích'íí'nii (Bitter Water Clan), born for my Father’s clan Nakai Dine’ (Mexican Clan). My Chei (Maternal Grandfather’s Clan) is Naasht’ézhí (Zuni Pueblo Clan). My Nali (Paternal Grandfather’s Clan) is Tsenjikinnie (Cliff Dweller Clan). I received my Bachelor's in Social Work from New Mexico State University in 1995 and my Master's Degree in Social Work from University of Washington in 1999 from the School of Social Work with a focus in Health/Mental Health. My background includes employment with Child Protective Services in Albuquerque New Mexico, La Pinon Sexual Assault Recovery Services in Las Cruces NM, Battered Family Services in Gallup NM, TRIO Upward Bound Program in Las Cruces NM. I have been a Social Worker at Harborview Medical Center since 2000 and been the Primary Care Social Worker at International Medicine Clinic since 2004. The International Medicine Clinic (IMC) provides treatment to non-English and limited English-speaking refugees and immigrants, ages 18 and older, who are seeking treatment for complex medical and psychosocial needs. I provide an array of social work services to patients which includes crisis intervention, information and referral, patient advocacy, case management, and healthcare/social system navigation. I am also a council member of the Harborview Medical Center Equity Diversity Inclusion Employee Led Committee. Currently, placed on the Equity Lens Workgroup.

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