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Call for Submission: Extended Mid-September Deadline

Announcement: Editor has extended deadline to mid-September but will make accommodations if a contributor needs additional time!

This Special Issue continues to explore and develop the overarching themes in Cultural Pedagogical Inquiry's (CPI), 10th Anniversary Special Issue (Vol.10, No.2, 2018), called “Spirit and Heart”. The 2018 Special Issue was inspired by the caliber and value of Indigenous participants’ presentations, at the Comparative and International Education Society of Canada’s (CIESC’s) Pre-Conference, held at the University of Calgary, in Spring 2016. CPI’s 2018 Special Issue was a historic first that drew intensively and extensively on intergenerational Indigenous voices from several former British colonies. The contributors deliberately brought to light major Indigenous issues from across the world,through their original writing, paintings, singing and speaking.

Please see the CPI journal’s website for more information or contact Dr. Cecille DePass.

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