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Sophia Jackson


Sophia Jackson (Diné/San Juan Southern Paiute/Quechan/Chicanas) is a lifelong artist, activist, educator, and facilitator of community. Her dedication to art has opened the door to her current work, and she has been an intern with Whiteswan Environmental, a native-led non-profit for a year and a half. She is also in her 3rd year at the Northwest Indian College (NWIC). She has worked as a facilitator of tribal education in her work as the Indigenous Service Learning Assistant of NWIC and has a passion for the youth. Being a teacher's assistant from grades K-12 has enriched her desire to be an educator for the next generation. Through Whiteswan Environmental she recently became a finalist for the National Parks San Juan Island Logo contest, and is working on making children's books from the story of the awarded design. She is currently working on the illustrations for The Digital EcoCultural Mapping Project for where she is painting the plant, animal, and sea relatives to tell a story as shared by the Saltwater Salmon People of what is now known as the Salish Sea in an interactive database. She enjoys gardening, eating traditional foods and hosting themed parties.

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